An insight into the publishing world…

Woohoo! Oh my God, I finally have a blog!


Is this really such an outstanding thing anymore? Shouldn’t I have actually done this a long, long time ago? It seems ridiculous that a self-confessed publishing enthusiast such as myself doesn’t even have a blog yet. I’ve done plenty of writing in the past for various roles and groups, but nothing that reflects me as an individual. Well, it’s time for that to change! Time to get with it. Be down with the kids. And stuff.

See, I’m fitting in already.

So, who am I? In my most basic form, I am Stephanie Cox, a 23-year-old female university graduate living in Hull and working in a local DVD shop. That is how I look on paper. In actuality, I am a creative, motivated, opinionated young woman. I am a basketball-loving bookworm, an identical triplet carving out her own identity and individuality. I overindulge on food, knit and crochet more often than your granny, and will happily kill you and all of your children for the last slice of hot buttered toast.

I will spend a vast amount of my life reading books. Spelling and grammar mistakes make my brain boil and my eyes twitch. I will consume an ocean’s worth of tea in my lifetime and will stand to attention quicker than a meerkat if somebody in the vicinity mentions cake. I get excited over the tiniest thing, but have a tendency to rant. And rant. And rant. Often about things that don’t directly affect me or my life. But it gives my friends a good laugh.

Think of me as Scrubs’ Doctor Cox. Or, you know. His English daughter.

I love to create, and to enjoy the world’s creations. I want to leave my mark on the world, but I also want to experience other people’s. I want to help people reach their goals, whilst reaching my own and smashing through that glass ceiling. And I want to prove to people that being WORKING CLASS, and from HULL of all places, is something to be proud of, and celebrated. I will prove that it is not a hindrance – it is a privelege.

I want to talk to you, and I want to network with you. I want to share the world with you and the people around us. And I desperately want to get my first job in publishing!

I have a strong desire to succeed coupled with a slight self-doubt that tells me that IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Thankfully, Desire To Succeed doesn’t give up easily and often flips Self-Doubt the finger when her back is temporarily turned. At the moment, Desire To Succeed’s life expectancy looks decidedly healthier than Self-Doubt’s. Let’s hope things stay that way.


Comments on: "Stephanie Cox, welcome to the world of blogging." (3)

  1. Stephanie, this is SO exciting! Hugely proud of you!


  2. (Also love the pic of you!)


  3. Thank you Annie! If you mean the drawing, my friend Sam Harrison did it. If you mean the photo, I was in the bathroom where there was a mirror! NOT the room with the toilet in it šŸ˜‰


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